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Investing in Nutrition

Tackling inequality through investments in nutrition and ECD

Posted by ACTION Secretariat, Washington, D.C. on Jan 26, 2017  | 

The World Economic Forum bills its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, as the "foremost creative force for engaging the world’s top private sector leaders in collaborative activities to shape the global, regional and industry agendas." The Forum’s mission, improving the state of the world, has typically focused on various aspects of private sector led macro-economic growth. Read More

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Ending the TB EpidemicInvesting in NutritionThe Power of Vaccines Grace Virtue, Ph.D.

Extreme poverty in Haiti: Why we must do more to end it

Posted by Grace Virtue, Ph.D. on Jan 23, 2017  | 

Throughout the world, particularly in the Global South, millions of people begin each day struggling with how to satisfy their most basic needs. Where to get food or water. Making do with non-existent or communal sanitary facilities. Limited or no access to dental or medical care. High exposure to contagious diseases. The constant threat of conflict or disasters — which is never far removed from situations of extreme poverty. Read More

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Investing in Nutrition

How to maintain momentum on nutrition and early childhood development

Posted by RESULTS Australia on Dec 06, 2016  | 

Of the many issues relevant to international development and poverty reduction, which would you rank as being the most important? According to Dr Jim Kim, World Bank President, the biggest single issue in development is that one in four children suffer from stunting (being well below average height for their age), an indicator of chronic malnutrition among children. Read More

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Ending the TB Epidemic Grace Virtue, Ph.D.

Poverty and HIV/AIDS: Haiti’s double jeopardy

Posted by Grace Virtue, Ph.D. on Dec 01, 2016  | 

World AIDS Day, observed December 1st, is an opportunity both to call attention to the continuing challenges to end infections globally, and in the case of Haiti, to shed new light on the link between poverty, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and other diseases, and the need for deep and coordinated efforts across the issues. Read More

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