Healthy Start / Champion

Dr. Loe Loumou Clarisse

Dr. Clarisse has been working as paediatrician for the past seventeen years in paediatric clinics in Cameroon. She is the Founder and Vice President of Alternative Sante, an organization’s whose mission is to facilitate access to basic health for children through educating mothers, creating contacts with existing health facilities, and reducing drop-out rates of immunization programs in various communities across Cameroon.
Dr. Clarisse has been a tireless local advocate seeking to increase demand for immunizations and its sustainable financing. She was involved in Atavac, a program which sought to increase vaccination coverage in Cameroon by stimulating demand and linking immunization to child survival, and was primarily responsible for training nurses in immunization units.

At the global level, Dr. Clarisse has been a member of the GAVI CSO Steering Committee since March 2010 and heads the newly created Francophone CSO Network for Vaccination and Immunization Advocacy. She is also advocating for greater local financing of immunization programs in partnership with the Sabin Institute’s Sustainable Immunization Financing project.

Dr. Clarisse joined ACTION during World Immunization Week 2012 to speak with members of European Parliament about the importance of the EC’s support for GAVI, and challenges facing programs on the ground.